Little 1 Custom Backpack

Little 1 custom backpack

Little 1 back pack child name backpack pvc

Customize your Little 1's backpack to be as unique and fun as them! The colour options we have available are:

  • Red

  • Blue

  • Green

  • Yellow

  • Maroon (Purple)Pink.

The pictures we have available are:

  • Elephant

  • Rhino

  • Star

  • Whale

  • Electric Guitar

  • Africa

  • Rabbit

  • Aeroplane

  • Heart

  • Crown

  • Dinosaur

  • Lion

We can sew your child's name on to a maximum of 9-letters.

Fill in the form below to build your bag.

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This will be the name on the front of the bag. Please do not make a spelling error.
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