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Little Green Number has launched #Buy1Give1

We have launched our #Buy1Give1 campaign and we are so excited!


So, what do you have to show for your CSI spend? A BEE certificate? 18A Tax benefit?


How about a Little Green Number?


Little Green Number is an AWARD WINNING Social Business focused on sustainable job creation, via community based micro manufacturing franchise ownership, producing a quality product that is funky and unique, that also saves the environment! One billboard at a time!


Our products are 100% handmade, durable and weather resistant. We are proud to be a South African business with an upcycled, innovative product that creates sustainable jobs.


Our Buy 1 Give 1 philosophy means that for every Little Green Number you buy we donate a Little Green Number to a school child that needs it.


If required we are happy to help you nominate a beneficiary, as we partner with amazing organizations such as MES and Partners for Possibility who are driven to make a difference in this space.


In essence you can look at it as Give 1 – Get 1. For every Little Green Number you give, you will also get one.


You can Give and Get a Little Green Number to show for it!



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