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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What material is billboards made of?

Billboards are made of PVC. It cannot be burned (as it releases a toxic gas) and it cannot be thrown on the landfills (as it is non-biodegradable), therefor we are repurposing the material and giving it a second life.

We sometimes get fabric billboards, from in-door advertising, which we then use for lining or bags that lend themselves to the softer material.

2. Where do you get your material?

  We were started by Primedia, so they still supply us with large amounts of PVC. We do however have many other suppliers as well.

3. Do we get a discount if we supply the material?

  Unfortunately not. as all of our PVC material is donated to us. The prices we quote includes manufacturing and other material, like zips, cotton, foam, buckles etc.

4. Do you print the material yourself? Can we choose our design?

  We only repurpose already printed billboards/banners, we DO NOT print the PVC, therefor you cannot choose your design.

5. Can we brand the bags with our logo?

  Yes, you can either supply us with a label of your choice or we can use our current supplier and add your branding to the bags. The cost effective options available are PVC printed labels and satin labels. A minimum charge of R600 applies for setup of the labels with our supplier.

6. What is the minimum order?

  One (1)

7.  Can we pay after delivery?

  We have a very strict policy around payment. We need 50% deposit as confirmation of order and the remaining 50% needs to be settled before collection. We will under no circumstances release the bags without having received confirmation of payment.

8.  Do you deliver?

  If you cannot arrange for collection and our driver is free and the delivery address is within 50km from our office we do deliver free of charge. Our prices do not include delivery, so we outsource the delivery and send you the invoice, we do not add any handling fees. We do prefer you to organise collection/a courier yourself, but we are always willing to assist.

9.  Can you do a custom design?

  We do custom bags for larger quantities, we do however have a R150 added cost for sample development. Adding a zip/pocket or removing a zip/pocket is not charged for as it does not affect the timing when making the bag.

10. How do you work out your costing?

Our costing is directly linked to the timing it takes to make a product. If you have a custom design, we will have to make a sample to determine the timing before we can quote you accurately.