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Three little words that could change the world!

More sales equal more jobs. And more jobs mean that hard working, talented South Africans have hope. A chance, an opportunity to feel successful, great at what they do. Little Green Number has community based micro manufacturing franchises all over Gauteng, and we intend to take this national. We are passionate about wiping out poverty, through social business principles: doing good, whilst doing good business. One Little Green Number at a time. It’s Little but we all have to start somewhere.

Billboards have nowhere to go. There’s no billboard heaven (or hell!) when they die. They just stick around forever and ever and ever. By participating in our upcycling process you have taken them off the streets and the garbage heaps and given them a new lease on life. You have made where we live cleaner. Fresher. Greener.

No one else has a Number exactly like yours! Your number is funky, sexy and unique. Made with love. To be worn with joy!

210 Cumberland Avenue Bryanston, 2191 South Africa +27 (0)11 025-7479

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